Back To School – 5 Ways to Prepare Your Family

Back To School – 5 Ways to Prepare Your Family

Preparing Your Family For Back To School

As much as we don’t want to admit it; Summer holidays are coming to an end and back to school is right around the corner. Which means it’s time to get your family back into the swing of things and ready to kick off this school year right! To help you accomplish this we have put together our top 5 tips for getting you and your family ready. Read on to get some great ideas on how to set up your home for family success!

  1. Start Your Routine Now
    Let your kids and other family members know that you are practicing your back to school routine. This could mean getting bedtimes and bedtime routines back on track, family dinners all together, cutting down on electronics and reading before bed. Whatever your families weeknight routine looks like start it early. A week or two before school even begins is best.

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  2. Family Schedule
    If you have a common area to schedule all of your school activities, extra curricular activities and appointments; it allows your family to view the week at a glance. Colour coding for each parent and child can make it easier for each person to quickly find which item applies to them.Other things you can include on your calendar are weekly chores, meal plans, inspiration quotes or even a new word for your family to learn each week!There are lots of awesome family planners out there that will offer whatever it is you are looking for. Click here to check a few out.

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  3.  Kids Snack Drawer
    “Mom there’s nothing in the fridge”, have you heard this before? Well than a kids snack drawer will be perfect for you. Having a drawer in your fridge designated to the kids is beyond worth it. Fill this drawer with healthy after school snacks that they can help themselves to, without having to hunt you down for them. This will help keep your family from snacking on unhealthy choices because they are “quicker” to grab.If your children are a little older this drawer can also make it very simple for them to pack their own lunches. Saving everybody time in the morning. Try to do your grocery shopping on Sunday and stock the drawer full for the week!

    Some items for the snack drawer: 

    – Apples and peanut or almond butter
    – Veggies and dip
    – Crackers and hummus
    – Cheese strings
    – Kids Smoothies
    – Boiled Eggs
    – Fruit
    – Trail mix
    – Energy balls
    – Yogurt Tubes

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  4. Homework Station
    Find an empty wall or room in your home that is away from high traffic areas and electronics. This can be your children’s homework station! Set up a desk with a chair, reading lamp, and all of their school supplies. Pens, pencils, crayons, paper you name it! Make it a comfortable place that your children will want to settle into. Having an area designated to homework will help keep them on task and in control of their own space.

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  5. Outfit Planning
    Do your littles know exactly what they want when it comes to dressing themselves? I’m sure there has been an argument or two when it comes to what they are going to wear to school. Involving them in the back to school shopping could help make this part of your morning a little easier. If there excited about the clothes they own they will be more likely to put them on without a fuss.If you want to go one step further to set yourself up for the entire week. Take a few minutes over the weekend with them to go through their closet and put together five outfits for the week.  This could hopefully rid you of this entire fight ever happening again.

Hopefully these suggestions will help make you and your families lives a little simpler. Giving you more time to spend with each other!

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