Restricted Showings- Why It’s Not A Good Idea

Restricted Showings- Why It’s Not A Good Idea

Why It’s Important To Accommodate Showings

You’ve decided to sell your home, photos have been taken, paper work is done and it has just been listed. But you have family visiting this weekend and you’re going to need to set up restricted showings…

The number one thing to remember is the more difficult it is for a buyer to book a showing the less likely they will continue to try. 

Once you have decided to put your home up for sale, you also need to prepare for the multiple showings. It is most likely that you will get a lot of showings in the first few days. When a home is fresh on the market everyone wants to take a look. You never know what homes have been listed in the last few days.  Buyers can easily get distracted by other homes on the market and completely forget about yours.

Selling your Home to Potential buyers


Short Notice Showings

Most realtors try and give 24 hrs notice as they understand it is difficult to coordinate three schedules (yours, the buyers and the agents). However sometimes a short notice showing will occur. This could be because buyers are from out of town and they only have one day to view homes and yours was missed in their previous search. Perhaps they are shift workers and they are requesting later times or short windows. Home owners are absolutely allowed to decline these showings. However we strongly recommend confirming them, especially if rescheduling isn’t an option.

The Second Showing

Accommodating the “second showing” is very important. These are buyers who have seen your home and have most likely put it on their short list. If you refuse this showing it is very likely that they will purchase another home. As they are probably looking to make a final decision as soon as possible.

Losing showings could delay your sale to the point where potential buyers might assume there is something wrong with your home, as it has been on the market for some time.

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