Interior Trends For Fall- Top 5

Interior Trends For Fall- Top 5

Interior Trends for Fall 2018

Now is the time to start thinking about interior trends for Fall. Summer is coming to an end and this means you are going to be spending more time indoors. You may start to notice that your home is in need of a little refresh now that you will be inside long enough to really start looking around. There are some amazing decor pieces and styles that are starting to show up or should I say making a come back.

In this post we have put together our top five favorite interior trends for Fall to hopefully help get your creative juices flowing! Read on for some inspiration photos as well as links to purchase these designs.

1. Rattan

Many of you may remember already owning rattan furniture or having a few pieces in your home growing up. If you’re lucky enough you or your parents might still have these pieces. The good news for you is that it is back and trending for Fall 2018. Pair it with a sheep skin rug, a nice cream cushion and neutral colored pillow or a soft blanket draped over the arm.

For more rattan inspiration click here

To purchase a chair similar to this one click here 


Rattan Chair Interior Trends For Fall
Photo Credit: Driven by Decor

2. Floral Wallpaper

Yes, another come back. But let me tell you, wallpaper and decals have come a long way! You can easily find products that simply peel and stick with quick and easy removal that will not damage your walls. Decals and wallpaper of all colors and patterns are trending right now but our favorite are the floral. Lots of different companies are popping up specializing in custom and prepacked options.

For more wall paper inspiration click here

For a local company who offers prints like the one shown below click here 

Floral Wall Paper Interior Trends For Fall
Photo Credit: Pinterest

3. French Bistro Chairs

What was once only seen on the sidewalks of french streets is now showing up inside our homes. Understandably so as these chairs are light weight and practical. They come in many variations of colors and style. Some with arms, some without and may I add they are very comfortable as well. If you have traveled to France or Europe for that matter you may be familiar with these chairs. Adding them to your home could help bring back a bit of that far away feeling!

For more inspiration and varieties of this chair click here.

To purchase French Bistro Chairs click here.

French Bistro Chair Interior Trends For Fall
Photo Credit:

4. Chunky Knit Woven Rug

These rugs feel like a big cozy sweater spread across your floor. They make you want to pour a big cup of tea, turn on your fireplace and cozy up with a good book. Most of these rugs are neutral in color but full of chunky texture and woven patterns. This brings an awesome element of design into any room without over powering the space. Another type of rug that is similar looks wise is a woven jute rug. However these rugs tend to be thinner and scratchy to the touch.  We recommend spending the extra money and getting a rug that is cozy and comfortable to walk on.

For more rug inspo click here.

To purchase an rug like this one click here.

Cable Knit Rugs Interior Design Trends For Fall
Photo Credit:

1. Neutrals (wood)

Neutral shades are having their moment. We love a room filled with neutrals and soft textures. Yes we do enjoy color and its okay to pair neutrals with a pop of color here and there. Our suggestion is to purchases your large investment items in timeless neutrals and save the color for accessorizes and pieces that can easily be changed out from season to season. The biggest change in design when it comes to neutral colors is wood pieces. We have seen dark finished wood as the go to choice for some time now. It has slowly lightened little by little with light, to very light wood being the up and coming look. It pairs beautifully with a white kitchen which we all know is a timeless look for any home.

For more photos of this look click here.

To purchase a very affordable version of this type of dinning table click here.

Neutrals Fall Interior Trends
Photo Credit:

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