Our Favourite DIY Home Projects You Can Do This Weekend!

Our Favourite DIY Home Projects You Can Do This Weekend!

Try One Of Our Favourite DIY Home Projects This Weekend

This weekend it looks like the sun will not be making an appearance. Which means we will be spending most of our time indoors. However this doesn’t mean that you can’t be productive! We have put together our favourite DIY home projects that can be completed in just one weekend! Take a look at these ideas and choose which one your ready to tackle!

Favourite DIY Home Project
Photo Credit: littleglassjar.com
  1. Office Memo Board

    If you are looking for something a little different this is  a great alternative to the cork board. This is a quick project to make, you can also customize the color of the chicken wire, background and frame!

    For full instructions on how to do this project click here!

    Favourite DIY Home Projects
    Photo Credit: www.julieblanner.com
  2. Hanging Herb Planter

    If you don’t have a window shelf in your kitchen or much room at all this adorable idea is a great use of space. These hanging herb planters keep your counter space clear and add a really great feeling to your kitchen with fresh herbs. Not to mention very convenient when cooking!

    For full details on how to create this project click here!

    Favourite DIY Home Project
    Photo Credit: julieblanner.com
  3. Picture Frame Molding

    If you’re looking to create a feature wall but are worried about it being to busy or bold, this is what you’ve been searching for! This project looks elegant and classy when finished but is super simple to create. Plus it is easily customizable to any sized wall!

    For full instructions click here.

    Favourite DIY Home Project
    Photo Credit: homemadelovely.com
  4. Large Hanging Chalkboard

    What a great idea for a childs bedroom or playroom. Super simple to build and make to the exact size that you need. Also an easy way to decorate for the holidays! One quick change and you have a whole different look.

    For the full instructions on this project click here.

    Favourite DIY Home Project
    Photo Credit: remodelaholic.com
  5. Rustic Farm House Centerpiece

    Another simple project that is a great staple piece for your home. Easy to make, you can paint it however you’d like and use it as a starting point for any type of setting you want. Pumpkins for fall, Christmas balls over the holidays and green moss for Spring!

    For detailed instructions click here.

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