Dress Up Your Brown Paper Wrapping

Dress Up Your Brown Paper Wrapping

Dress Up Your Brown Paper Wrapping

Sometimes effortless is the best way to achieve the perfect look. We’ve put together a list of our favorite designs for accomplishing just that. These creative and simple ideas are great for gift wrapping your packages this Christmas. We hope to get you inspired to dress up your brown paper wrapping!


  1. A Little Trip Outside

    A simple jaunt into your backyard to collect some clippings is all you need for this one. Take any ribbon or string you have around the house and secure the clippings on your gift!
    Dress Up Your Brown Paper Wrapping

  2. Great For Kids!

    Grab a black sharpie and a red pom pom and you’re all set. You can find these pom poms at your local craft store or dollar store. Get out the hot glue gun and you’ve got a very simple and adorable gift!
    Easy Wrapping

  3. Getting A Little Creative

    This one requires a little bit of artistic ability. Grab a chalkboard pen and start doodling. If you don’t think you are capable of this much detail just writing the recipients name will look nice too!
    Brown Paper Wrapping

  4.  Simple and Effective!

    A little hot glue gun and a star sticker can go a long way! If you like the snow sprinkled look as well, you can find snow spray at most big box stores in the seasonal section.
    Christmas Wrapping

  5. Just So Fun!

    This one will take you a little more time but isn’t difficult. The easiest way to make one of these yarn pom poms is to buy the pom pom maker. You can find these online or in a craft store. Trust me when I say buying the actual form to make these is well worth it, rather than constructing something of your own.
    Pom Pom Wrapping

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