The Kitchen – the ‘heart of the home’ is a place of constant busyness!  From dinner prep and entertaining to dishes and cleaning, this is a room that can get overlooked from a style perspective.  

The backsplash is no longer just for easy clean up from spills and splatters. It has become a fundamental part of a home’s decor – and the backsplash trend is getting better and better every year.  

You can have a mosaic effect, add colour to a white or light kitchen, reduce colour if you are into the dark navy and black kitchens.  Or simply use it to make a bold statement. Whichever you choose, it is what can help make a kitchen look stunning!

Backsplashes also help you to sell your home!  Choosing to add a backsplash, or update your present one will help make your kitchen look clean and complete.  Buyers are always attracted to homes that are clean – especially in the kitchen.

So what are the 2019 trends in backsplashes?

  • Black Subway tile
  • Larger Subway tile
  • Feature Wall or Feature Tile
  • Extending the tiles up to the wall
  • Mirrored & Metallic tiles
  • Or natural elements tiles.  

Give the room you probably spend more time in than any other a little upgrade – it will make a big difference.  

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