A Checklist for Buying your Next Home!

A Checklist for Buying your Next Home!

We know that making the decision to move or to buy a house is a big deal, especially if you are growing your family.  So before you rush to buy, we will lay out a quick checklist for you to think about prior to hitting the ground running!

The house you want, will it be:

ꪛ  Rural

ꪛ  Small Town

ꪛ  Urban

It is important to know how quiet you need your area.  Are you a small town type family or do you want the hustle and bustle of a City?


We say this every time we write about buying a property, but you need to know your budget!  Talk with a mortgage broker (we can recommend some if you need a referral) and find out what your payments will look like… this way you can start looking at what you want and what suits your budget RIGHT AWAY.

Some of the other cost factors you need to remember:

ꪛ Taxes – how much will your property taxes be!

ꪛ What will the cost of the gas, electric or water be in your area? You want to make sure you can afford it with your mortgage and taxes.  

Now the fun stuff, what about the community?

It is always a good thing to check out the community around where you want to live.  

ꪛ Are there enough schools?  Are the schools small or large?

ꪛ Is there a community centre? Or a place for you to join hockey or a local yoga class? (or maybe you are a Zumba person!)

You finally have the house in mind, before you sign the papers, take a little peek around the neighbourhood.  

ꪛ Are the other homes/properties well maintained?

ꪛ If you are a young family, are there other kids or a park to play outside?

ꪛ If you have a function, are you able to street park?  What are the by-laws in this area?

While we can help answer these questions for you, you want to make sure to keep these things in mind when selecting a neighbourhood and home. Especially, if you don’t feel your realtor has asked you any of these questions.  

If you want to have an initial chat, or need to know what the best first steps are for you to get your house and self ready for a move, give us a call – 250. 751. HOME (4663)


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