What to do…. What to do…

What to do…. What to do…

Tis that time of the year!  Yes, the beautiful flowers start to bloom, the green grass grows and deciding what renovations make the best bang for your buck! Especially if you are planning to sell your home in the near future.  

Let’s talk home upgrades!!! What are the benefits and what is not going to help give you more value?  


These are the items that make potential buyers say…. nice!

1- Windows – makes the home look nice, more energy efficient.

2- Basic Landscaping – having a clean, well-kept exterior helps with first impressions

3- Clean/ Updated Exterior – speaking of first impressions, cleaning up or repainting/repairing the outside of your home will solidify its appeal.

4- Attic/ Bedroom Conversion – done correctly, this will add more space and better value for the home.

5- Updated Kitchen – the word update says it all.  Giving the most used room in the house some TLC will help the buyer see it’s best potential.   

But what won’t make you some money on resale?

1 – Solar Panels – while they are environmental, people see them as a lot of work and problematic when it comes time to change the roof.

2- Swimming pools – I know we love a good dip in the pool, but it doesn’t add value and to some families, it can be a big deterrent.

3- Elaborate Landscaping – basic landscaping is welcomed, but topiary trees or high maintenance ticket items will make a potential buyer re-think.  

4- Loud Colours – Stick to a neutral or modern paint palette and add pops of colour with the decor.  Too bright on the walls is a lot of work to cover up!

5- Carpeting – the ’70s is over, minimal carpet throughout the home is welcomed, not everywhere. Invest in some laminate or hardwood to give the home a better appeal for small families and families with animals!

So before you walk into your local decor store to pick out the finishing touches, take a second to see what you should and shouldn’t be doing!

Have more questions about home upgrades before you list?  Give us a call at 250-751- HOME (4663)

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