Condo Living

Condo Living

Time to make a move?  Time to decide if you are a condo person… Living in Nanaimo, there are a lot of beautiful condo options close to nature and a lot of different amenities.  

Why you will want condo living:  

1-  Someone else does the main gardening and (sadly when needed) snow removal.  – If you are not someone who is green thumb friendly or just doesn’t have time to maintain a yard…then condo living is DEFINITELY a thing for you.  

2 – Condo fees, while sometimes a bit more than you think they should be, also means no unexpected home costs and the maintenance is not a worry.  

3- Downtown living, or at least a more urban atmosphere.  Living in walking distance to restaurants, events, the arts, etc is an entire lifestyle experience.  Condo living means you can be in the thick of the downtown culture!

4- Sick of the subdivision lifestyle?  A condo is a fantastic opportunity for people who are looking to downsize from a larger home.  It can be a lock key style living for the newly retired who wants to travel, or the place to come into the city to be closer to senior-friendly programs.  

5- A brilliant opportunity to invest.  If you are growing your investment portfolio or looking to invest to rent than a condo is a good way to start.  Especially, if it is something you want to own for a few years. Limited maintenance needed, easier to rent and a good way to make some money for future investments or retirement.  

A condo is of course not for everyone, but ask your realtor if you are interested in looking to see what it is all about – especially if you are a first time home buyer.   


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