Making It All Fit

Making It All Fit

We know if you are in your first space, or have downsized to a smaller dwelling. . . kitchen space might be a bit tight! Well, fear not we have a few ideas to help you get those small feeling spaces chalked full of usable storage while still look spectacular.

Maximizing space is key, especially if you are guilty of having too many favourite mugs or dishes.  So…

Go vertical!  

  • If you have space, add a pegboard
  • Hang pots over the kitchen table or island for extra counter space
  • Add a magnetic knife/ spice rack. (Easy access and gives the kitchen a bit of style).


Add a bookshelf or a baker’s pantry in an open space.  

  • They add narrow shelves and if you paint it a nice pop of colour!  You can add doors to the unit or keep them open for a perfect space for your dishes or perhaps a mini wine bar.
  • Speaking of shelves, adding a few wall shelves will help add much-needed storage and can help take away some of those pesky countertop appliances that don’t have a home.  

Utilize all the space you can, for example, use your windowsill for any herb garden or flowers that you might have.  

Still, want a few more ideas?

  • Add hooks where you can for tea towels, pots and pans if you don’t have the space for a ceiling pot hanger.
  • Stack shelves for the counter or inside the cabinets.
  • Drawer organizers (you can find them in most drawer dimensions or get custom built ones).

Just because it is a smaller space, doesn’t mean it cannot feel big!  

Happy Organizing!


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