Open Concept Decorating

Open Concept Decorating

It isn’t a bad problem to have, but sometimes the open concept floor plan makes it look like one giant room…and that can be really tough to decorate, and stage for selling.  So in true fashion, your favourite realtors have some suggestions!

Let’s start with the walls:

  • Wainscotting:  It can add luxury to a space, without a ton of added cost.  
  • Paint it two tones:  To work with the wainscotting idea, you can paint your walls two colours in the same palette but one darker, and use the new wainscotting as a natural divide.  
  • These two items alone will make your space cozy and balanced.


  • We know you have a fabulous coffee table, but it might be time for an upgrade.  If you use an oversized ottoman, it can create less space between sofas. Cozy, and practical.
  • Sectional couches help a lot, they take up space, look good and are a practical seating solution.  Add a few pops of coloured pillows and you have a great addition to any large space.
  • Don’t place the furniture on the wall, keep it in the centre of the space (if you are splitting the space between the living room and kitchen than centre in each of the spaces) and this way you can put a few console tables around, stand up lamps.  Each item adds to the look of the space.


  • It is always a good idea to use rugs to centre and anchor a room.  A carpet will separate space nicely, make it look warm and inviting as well as defined.  

A few other tips:

Double up on things, two oversized chairs, two of the same lamps, two sets of curtains (especially if you have a lot of windows), two side tables etc.  It will make it look symmetrical.

Having a big space can seem daunting to decorate, but dang it can also be a ton of fun to toss some great colours, oversized pieces and put them all together!  


Happy decorating.

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