You are starting to plan a move…but you really aren’t sure how to assess neighbourhoods.  You know you like this area and that one but aren’t sure how to choose?! Here is a little piece of advice we pass on to people when they are just coming up with the big move plan!

What to look at in a neighbourhood:

1 – Culture:  Everything after the neighbourhood culture is a bonus, but we want to know what your idea of community culture is… are you a neighbourhood watch kind of person, or do you want something where you don’t need to interact in the area?  Are you looking to have BBQ’s with the local families, or simply stay to yourself? Finding the right ambience for your lifestyle is always difficult, but knowing what kind of community culture you want, is a big bonus in shopping for your ideal home.  

2- Amenities: We get it, we all need to run to the grocery store last-minute, or the pharmacy, or a coffee shop.  If these are the things you need to have around you, remind your realtor this is a must-have.

3- Nature: need to make sure you are in the quiet serenity of nature?  With the beautiful, natural backdrop of Nanaimo, it isn’t hard to understand why it is ideal.  Make sure the neighbourhood is where you want and in the right type of nature and parks you are looking for.  

Other things to think about:

  • Noise: sirens, high traffic, cars etc.  
  • Downtown lifestyle vs suburban living: If you are looking for theatre, dining options etc know if it is a must-have.
  • Lots of Rentals: sometimes this can alter the patina of the neighbourhood. It can also bring down housing costs.  
  • Sidewalks: why are these important?  If you have kids and are looking for an area for bike riding or walking sidewalks can be a big bonus.  On the flip side, you might be in need of a slightly longer driveway so sidewalks might be a nuisance.

Keeping your realtor informed of what is important to you in a neighbourhood makes a big difference in the types of homes you will see.  Keep us in the know!


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