How to Tune Out!

How to Tune Out!

We are all guilty of being tuned in… ALL THE TIME! Especially for our amazing clients, but we also all need to remember to go a little tech-free and enjoy our family and friends this Summer.  So, we did a little digging and found 10 easy ways to reconnect, without being connected! 

1- Set some off-hours … Perhaps through dinner time, or first thing in the morning.  Unplug and stick to a 2-hour tech-free rule (or don’t check your phone during that time). 

2- Non-Tech activities – Remember puzzles (yes, we do!) or head out to the park and do something fun.  Running around will help break the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).  

3- Take a walk, without the phone, or untether your messages on your watch.  Try it…we promise you will survive. 

4- Neighbourhood Game time – Set up a family scavenger hunt in your neighbourhood.  For instance, find the blue mailbox, the numbers 34 etc. You will be surprised how much fun you can create with a single piece of paper. 

5- Wifi Free Time – off-hours is good, but you can even go as far as shutting down the wifi for specific times of the day.  Maybe just as the chores need to be done. 

6- Backyard Campout – set up a tent, or even just roast some s’mores.  May we boldly suggest, sleeping outside (we glamp, not camp but you get it).

7- Hit your local library or community centre and enjoy the Summer activities they have set up (some are even likely free)!

8- Family or friend book list, and try to keep it a physical copy of the book.  Not only will reading help you zone out and stay off your devices, but the book club nights will be another excuse to have a little downtime.

9- Remember maps?  Yeah, those things you couldn’t refold after the first use?  Grab a map book instead of using a device to find out where to go exploring.  You might not get there with the most direct route, but you might find a few other things to explore. 

10 – Finally, try listening to the radio and not a podcast, or a playlist you have on your phone.  Tune in and find out what new music is out, and what local activities are happening.    

It is tough in today’s world to tune out, especially when you fear missing out.  But it is just as important to connect with the people in your life, without staring at a screen.  


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