Things to remember

Things to remember

You are moving, CONGRATULATIONS!

Your move date is set, the finances are in place and you are ready to move to your first, second or forever home.

Now, how to get organized for the move, how are you going to make this move not chaotic?  Kept in order and ready to unpack seamlessly at the other end? 

Step one is important and will dictate the entire moving day – book and reserve what you need for the day.  You need to book the right size truck or the right moving company.

Step two – start the decluttering process…. Before you even grab the moving boxes, we suggest you start paring down what you own.  If there are boxes in your basement from your last move or ones that have not been opened in a year, then head to the local donation centre and drop them.  

Step three – grab the moving supplies.  You will need boxes (some moving companies have add ons of using their boxes or hard-shelled case boxes to stay organized in the truck), tape (a lot of it) tape gun, sharpies or markers, etc.  

Step four – organize all your bills and what will be turned off and when.  Then what you need to set up (internet, phone, water, etc) in the new location.  Some lawyers do it for you, but just in case.

Step five – Start sorting your ‘stuff’ into categories.  Books with books, kitchen supplies with kitchen. This will make it very easy to label your boxes for the right location at the other end.  

Step six – Do you have kids/pets or both?  What is the moving day agenda for them? A suggestion is to grab a sitter or specify someone to be in charge of them the day of, so you can concentrate on the task of moving.

Step seven – Start to take pictures of your electronics and other things that might be complicated to put back together when they are out of the box.  

Step eight – Figure out the food and beverages for the day.  Pack a cooler with water and juice so you remember to stay hydrated.  Then make it easy on yourself and either cater or pre-order pizza for when the truck is empty.  Especially if you are getting family and friends to help you move and not a moving company!

We know how exciting and nerve-wracking moving is, but keeping these simple tips in your mind will help you keep the day a bit more organized and hopefully it goes as smooth as possible!


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