Getting ready for Thanksgiving

Getting ready for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving – yes it is still three weeks away- but if you are foodies like us, then the menu tends to get organized a bit early. Especially if you are hosting a giant family gathering.  


Here are a few of our favourite recipe ideas- so you can wow your guests and yourself with some culinary treats.  


We also suggest hitting up any local farms or farmers markets you have in the area.  You can get a lot of delicious seasonal veggies to adorn your table (and maybe even the centrepiece as well). 


Honey Glazed Carrots – YUMMY and not a quick side to pull together.  


Roast Potatoes – let’s face it, they are just the entire reason gravy is necessary on the table.  There is nothing better than a roasted potato (and if you aren’t a butter person, substitute with olive oil or another cooking oil). 


Harvest Salad – easy to put together with seasonal veggies.


Roasted Seasonal Vegetables – we keep saying it, but the fall vegetables are so delicious when they are roasted.  Peel, cube, add some seasoning, and you have a winning combination. 


A WOW factor Turkey – come on, you know you want to show off a little at the dinner table this year, this turkey is definitely going to do it.  There will be a lot more please’s being uttered around the room.  


These are a few of the dishes we recommend for Thanksgiving dinner, and bonus each of these recipes links to many other amazing recipes that can be transformed for vegetarians, celiacs and vegans.  


Happy planning!  

(Image credit: Canadian Living)

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