Why do you need to hire a professional photographer

Why do you need to hire a professional photographer

Think about how people look for homes in today’s market.  ONLINE! And what is the way you search? Via the image. This reason alone is why you need to have a realtor who uses a professional photographer to take your listing photos.  

The photos of your home are used for – listings, print marketing materials, social media posts and more.  Making sure that you have good, clear, and crisp images can make all the difference.  

Like staging your home (which we always recommend, if not a good declutter), having solid images will also:

1 – Help your home’s visibility in online home searches.

2-  Increase the number of inquiries from other realtors.

3-  Sell faster.

4 – Likely help in a higher listing price.

Properly and professionally photographed homes also do not stay on the market (on average) as long as other properties.  But why can you or your realtor not use your high-tech phones? Because amateurs cannot help with art direction, lighting, staged rooms (to make them look the best), composition and editing.  All of these factors are important for taking a good shot to enhance how great your home looks to potential buyers. 

What won’t help when you are getting a professional photographer in, is not making sure your home is in tip-top shape.  Ensuring the clutter is gone and your countertops are clear will help make those images pop!  

When you choose which realtor to go with, ask them who is apart of their team – stager, photographer etc.  

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