A Couple of Green Holiday Ideas

A Couple of Green Holiday Ideas

A few blogs ago, we talked about getting your house more environmentally friendly… one of the ideas was to add a little greenery to your home.  So, with the holidays approaching, we figured what a great idea to give people for gifts (bearing no allergies or pets that might eat them). 

Instead of the ever-popular poinsettia (don’t get us wrong, we do love the red flowers), but they can get a bit traditional for some people.  

A few options we found that work:

A Christmas Cactus – all year it is green and then bam, this time of the year, beautiful pink/red flowers start to bloom.  It is minimal care (even those of us without green thumbs can care for it).

Paperwhite Narcissus – Beautiful, paper-thin flowers that bloom for some time but they add so much life to a room.  Like snowfall in a pot (can you tell we like them)

Or you could give some holly and ivy (you couldn’t get any more holiday if you tried).  They are pretty all year but can make the holiday gift-giving a little easier. 

And lastly, the beautiful Amaryllis – most times it is a build it yourself bulb gift but when it blooms, it is so beautiful.  

We also recommend a few herbs to create a garden (you might get a dinner invitation)

  • Basil, Rosemary & Thyme
  • Oregano, Chives & Parsley

These are just a few ways you can give a treat that will brighten up a home, as well as give it a bit of a greener feel.   Even when you are staging a house, adding a beautiful bit of greenery will always make it look more comfortable and have an instant homey feeling.

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