Pets and Selling your Home

Pets and Selling your Home

Oh wow, you have a (insert pet name here)… and the realtor mind goes nuts.  Selling a home with a pet is challenging especially if the home is not kept up with maintenance.  But, we digress… how about a few tips on selling your home with your sweet fur baby. 

Although potential buyers might have pets of their own, they still don’t want to necessarily have to deal with your pet while viewing your home.  It can also make some potential buyers nervous, have fear of animals and inexperience. Most importantly, it is distracting if people focus on playing with your fur baby and not looking at your home. 

All of this together is why we think it is best to not have your pet home at the very least during the house viewings.  While you are selling your home, have a quick chat with your vet so they can give you advice on how to deal with your pet.  

A few more thoughts:

Take them somewhere during the selling time or home tours 

  • A kennel or pet daycare
  • Move out or send to a family/friends house 
  • If warm enough, take them to a dog park.

Remove ALL pet pads or kitty litter

  • No one wants to see your dog pee or smell your cat’s litter box.  If you have a garage maybe try leaving it there or just for a short period to keep it in your car. 
  • If you do have cats, get a friend or neighbour to come over and take a good whiff of your home – like that commercial says “you have become nose blind”.  IF you do have a cat urine issue, get out the ammonia and go nuts. You don’t want to spray room deodorizers as people can have allergies.  

Always a good idea to clean and stain remove your carpets – but especially necessary with pets.  A good carpet cleaning will remove stains, remove fur and any other pet smells.

Put away ALL signs of your animals that you can

  • If you have a cat tower, take it away
  • Put away all toys and trinkets
  • Move all carriers and cages that might be throughout the house. 

Clean up the back yard 

  • Any and all clean up that shows your pet has used it as their bathroom (and don’t leave the poop bags in the back yard, toss them out as well).

If you do this, your potential buyers will see your home and not see or smell your pet.  Faster you sell, the fast you and your pet can live in peace again. 

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