Winter Project – Kitchen

Winter Project – Kitchen

Ah, the sweet blessings of winter are upon us.  We like to think of this as – THE BEST TIME TO GET YOUR KITCHEN REMODEL DONE! 

Just think, by the time you finish it, it will almost be springtime… the perfect time to sell (if that is your goal). 

But how you ask? 

1- Change up those old cabinets.  If you have some original to the house ones then try for a modern look. 

  • Paint them
  • Reface them
  • Strip them (if solid wood) and give them a new look. 
  • Restain them.

2- How about a new backsplash?  Yes, they can get a bit expensive but they can also leave a huge impact. 

3- Open Shelves – Especially if you have a smaller kitchen, the open shelf look can make your home trendy, modern and clean.  It also helps if you create a higher vertical open shelf – more space!

4- New Lights – So, maybe you modernized your countertops or your appliances (which we always suggest), but sometimes people think the lights will be fine to keep. Upgrade!  They alone can make a kitchen look bright and warm at the same time.  

5- Change out the knobs – sometimes it is that simple. Change the knobs up to something more ornate or into a handle and you can make a kitchen look more modern.  

How do we know that you need to update your kitchen?  Easy, if you tick a few of these boxes:

*Old appliances (remember when we said we always suggest an upgrade).  Old appliances can make your home look run down and aged. 

*Cramped, short counters – too much clutter builds up because you don’t have the room.  

Updating your kitchen can help you get your home sold faster, create more usable and livable space, and make it cleaner looking.  

So this winter, while other people are dreaming of the sun… be proactive and get the right upgrades to your home completed.  

Happy updating! 

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