Here Comes a New Decade

Here Comes a New Decade

HERE COMES A NEW DECADE, so this year’s resolutions are going to be pretty big.  Why not have a few house resolutions to add to the list;)

If you are a first-time buyer, you should DEFINITELY be adding a homeownership fund.  Grab a jar and every time you have change toss it in, especially when there are loonies and toonies.  You will be shocked by how much money you can gather in a year. Every little bit helps and it might just be that jar that gets you over the amount for your deposit. 

Actually, the jar idea is a good one for homeowners as well – a new roof this year?  Use the jar! Need a paint job…use the jar!  

Go green, or greener and start adopting a few of the green home ideas (lightbulbs, new appliances, energy-efficient HVAC). 

Make your very own purge list – remember the Marie Kondo fiesta of 2019? Well, bring it into your 2020 world.  Purge what you don’t need, sell what you can, and donate the rest. You will feel better (especially if you plan on moving in the next year, it will help get you prepared).

Replace or update all your alarms – Fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, and if you have an alarm system in your home get it checked out so it is up to date.  

Turn off the TV and turn on the music and podcasts – wait, what?  This is not a real estate resolution? No, but it is a good one none the less.  Sit and enjoy your home next year… tune out and learn to just be in the space you created.  2020 is going to be a good year to appreciate things. 

It is always important to write down your resolutions – easier to keep track at the end of the year what worked and what didn’t.

Good luck!  Cheers to 2020.

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