When You Hire Yourself or a Professional

When You Hire Yourself or a Professional

Who is guilty of watching a few of those tv shows about how to renovate your home and you think…yep that’s me. I am handy with a hammer! Or the ever comical – I can get this done this weekend no worries.   That is until you find out what the actual time that is needed is.  

Before you decide during this winter (it is awful we know) to get your toolbox out and start the DIY project of your dreams, we have a few tips to know if it is right for you. 

First – DO YOU HAVE ANY SKILLS?  Wait, that might sound harsh but it is true.  Do you have any of the skills needed for this task?  Do you need a saw, drywall, specific nails? Yes, you can  You Tube it all but you still need to have general skills and knowledge before you delve in.  If you don’t have that basic ability we implore you to hire someone. Put down the tools and hire someone!

Second – TIME – projects will always come up with something that will make them take longer, especially if you aren’t doing it often.  If you are refitting your bathroom or changing the toilet all sorts of issues can come up so make sure that you have enough time to do the project correctly. It can cost you more in the long run if you do it wrong. 

Third – The COST FACTOR – drywalling or painting your home yourself might save you a bunch of money, but some of the bigger projects might cost you more to redo it.  Especially if you need building permits. If you don’t get the right ones and there is an inspection, it can cost you a lot of time and money to repair and or replace.  Decide what you can save on, and what is better to have the professionals do it…such as a new deck or a solarium. 

If you are renovating or upgrading your home for the idea of selling than we will always suggest hiring a professional so potential buyers will see that the work was done with a level of expertise.  Want some advice on if we think the reno will help add value to your home? Or if you need a permit? Get in touch, we can help!

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