Trends -2020 style

Trends -2020 style

Stop … hang on, before you finish picking out that new kitchen cabinet or basement flooring. We did a little research and found the 2020 trends might shock (and annoy some people). 

Let’s start in the kitchen (we are always thinking about food here so it works best to start in the kitchen). 


Rustic is in, white is slowly becoming ‘so last decade’.  Yep, we did say it could be annoying.  

Muted tones, bold colours are the new/old rage.  Having grey’s, slates and blues in your kitchen is a massive trend and does add a depth of decor without needing things to be too over the top.  

Open shelving, but with a certain rustic style.  Farmhouse 2.0 if you will. With climate always on people’s minds, it is becoming very important to reuse what you might already have and just add accent pieces that make it look new.  There are a ton of paints in the market now that will even allow you to give your old IKEA shelves a modern twist.  

Living Rooms:

For those who have travelled the world, this is the year for you.  It is all about spooled tables, accent pieces, pillows and more, especially if they add a touch of colour into a very trendy demure coloured living room. It is all about cozy and comfortable. 

Are you into antiquing?  Well, grab that apothecary table and old school vintage frames because they are here to stay.  Give them a good shine up and you have beautiful old statement pieces. Living rooms are about being relaxed and calm.  

A few other tidbits:

The family wellness is huge if you are making any new purchases for your home, might we suggest new air filters and water filtration systems.  It means that you can rest assure that you are taking as many of the chemicals in the home out of the air.  

DIY is still really popular, but we always recommend checking in on what is involved – cost can rise if you aren’t really sure how to do something (even with a YouTube video).

Painting – it is all about making everything look fresh.  As we said before, there are a bunch of new paints and paint mixtures that you can buy to refresh all old furniture and even old tile.  So see how that is useful to update your space. 

We know we go on and on about renovating your home, but it is the largest purchase you will ever make and we want to make sure that you are making the right choices – because that is what good realtors do!  

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