Showing a House Safely During COVID-19

Showing a House Safely During COVID-19

The buying and selling process can be complicated even in normal circumstances. So how is showing a house safely during COVID-19 even possible?

COVID-19 creates new questions and concerns for consumers and REALTORS®. This can add significantly to the challenges of a real estate transaction. Thankfully we have technology and tools that we’ve used for years on our side to mitigate, at least some of those concerns. The others we will address below, hopeful addressing some of your questions.

Changes have been made in our offices and staff continues to work remotely. While real estate support has been declared an essential service in British Columbia during the COVID-19 pandemic, our team is making sure to keep our physical distance by offering virtual tours of homes and even real-time walk throughs.

Showing a House Safely During COVID-19

Here are some of the ways we are your family’s safety our first priority.

  • We have the buyer’s drive by the home prior to scheduling a viewing.
  • The buyer’s view the photos, video, and we provide them with all supplemental information prior to scheduling a viewing.
  • When it’s time to view the home, we limit the number of people in the home to two buyer’s plus the REALTOR®. Only the people who are going to be on the contract should be present in the home for the viewing, along with the buyers’ agent.
  • Both the buyers’ agent and the buyer’s are to wear gloves in the home.
  • Leave shoes outside of the home.
  • Only the buyer’s agent is to open doors, turn on lights, and open blinds, etc. (If not already done by the seller’s).
  • We maintain a minimum of 2M of distance while in the home at all times.
  • Once you’ve stepped outside of the home and the REALTOR® has locked up, put all used gloves in a Ziploc bag. And then double pack it. *When our team arrives at the home, we give each of our clients a set of gloves along with the 2 Ziploc bags so they can do this step themselves.

Find out how we can help you stay safe if you need to make a move during COVID.


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