Canada Day in Nanaimo

Canada Day in Nanaimo

Canada Day in Nanaimo

Canada Day is almost upon us, and though we know it has been a long 12 months, that does not mean that there are not things worth celebrating. Across Canada, the day is a national holiday, celebrated with parades and parties. It’s not as focused on patriotism as the American July 4th celebration, but there are fireworks and other activities.

Canada History

Canada Day is a commemoration of July 1st, 1867 when the British North American Act (now known as the Constitution Act) united Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada into a single country.
This union gives our new country a lot of independence and an important part of paving the way for Canada to achieve full independence from the United Kingdom. In 1965 we did away with the Union Jack and got our flag. Then in 1982, Pierre Trudeau repatriated the Canadian Constitution, that the country became independent, and when Canada Day became an official holiday.

Canada Day Celebrations

We, as Canadians celebrate this day with fireworks, carnivals, parades, concerts, sports games, and cookouts.
The biggest part of this holiday is celebrating what it means to be a Canadian, so meet up with your friends and family and enjoy everything that our country has to offer – whether you’re admiring the stunning natural beauty around you, painting your face with the vibrant colors of our flag, enjoying the festivities, or even sitting back and sipping on a Canadian.
Here are the most typical celebrations
  • Escape to the great outdoors.
And of course, another outdoor activity to enjoy the holiday is to visit one of Canada’s many lush national parks. Choose one of its beautiful natural corners and take advantage of the day to get lost in it, enjoy animal watching, the practice of active tourism, or go on a picnic.
5 things people can do in the Nanaimo-Parksville area to celebrate Canada Day with their families:
  1. Go to Maffeo Sutton Park and play at the beach, playground, or walk the sea wall.
  2. Go to Paradise Mini Golf & Fun Park in Parksville.
  3. Build sandcastles on the Parksville Beach and play in the water park.
  4. Hike to Ammonite Falls.
  5. Walk Jack Point.
  6. Comedy and Magic – Featuring silent comedian Xpectaculo.
  7. Celebrate concerts and practice sports outdoors.
On July 1 you can choose from a multitude of cultural and sporting events taking place in cities across the country. You will find plenty of things to have fun with friends, family, or children, as there will be everything from jugglers and magicians to great music concerts and popular races, among others.
  • Eating outdoors in the community.
It’s one of the most widespread ways across the country to celebrate the holiday. Get together with friends or family and enjoy a delicious cookout or head into the city and soak up the multicultural atmosphere by mingling at one of the many community meals held on the streets of Canada’s diverse localities.
To discover what’s going on in Nanaimo on July 1st, make sure you join the fun, by clicking here!

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