The House of Home: A Valentine’s Love Story

The House of Home: A Valentine’s Love Story


Ah, the day of love

The day your significant other sends you flowers, and some chocolates perhaps. Maybe you get them that coveted watch they’ve always wanted, or you get them that perfume they can’t get enough of. Or maybe you forego the material things and plan a lovely (no pun intended) experience for one another to enjoy somewhere new.
But what if, just what if, you’d rather spend the day alone?! At home, with some self-care in your place of abode? In fact, why not just go on a date with your house? 
If you think about it, your home is your safe space (we hope) that you can count on day in and day out. It’s always there, with its familiar smells, and its cozy blankets that never let you down. And that bathtub! Oh, that bubble bath spa is just a few feet away. 
So this year for Valentine’s Day, why not give back and treat that humble partner of yours to something special? Cook a lavish meal and engulf that house with the most delicious aroma it won’t soon forget. Light some scented candles, and let it feel the romance in your heart. Indulge in some chocolates and let them fall to the floor because of sharing. Put on some music and let the walls feel the vibe.
Love your house, and it will always love you back 😉.

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