Winter Activities in Nanaimo for 2023

Winter Activities in Nanaimo for 2023

Winter Activities in Nanaimo for 2023
While we’re certainly not heralded as a snow destination, the Harbour City gets its fair share of cool weather. Luckily, there is an abundance of winter activities in Nanaimo to keep you busy and entertained during the drearier months. This means we can include plenty of outdoor as well as indoor activities on our list of the top things to do in Nanaimo in the winter.

Winter Activities in Nanaimo

Take a Hike
A getaway to Nanaimo on a colder weekend can still be filled with outdoor adventure. Don’t be intimidated by the weather—rain, snow, fog, or mist, all you need is the proper gear. Some of our favourite winter hikes are Westwood Lake, where the fog rolls over the water and the heavily treed path shields you from the rain; Ammonite Falls, where the falls rush heavily during the offseason; and the waterfront, where the cement path makes for an easy stroll along the harbour, with plenty of shopping and dining.


Westwood Lake Park | City of Nanaimo


Indoor Adventures

There’s nothing wrong with having indoor winter activities; fortunately, Nanaimo has plenty of options to keep you busy! Reach new heights at the Romper Room climbing gym and the Air house sports facility or try axe throwing at Axe & Grind downtown. Test your puzzle-solving skills in one of Nanaimo’s three escape room experiences.


The Nanaimo Bar Trail

This city is famous for its delicious, sweet treat known as the Nanaimo Bar. It is made up of chocolate, graham crackers, nuts, butter, and custard powder. If you haven’t tried one yet, what are you waiting for?
But why stop at one? Find the absolute best of these bars by going to as many of the 39 stops as possible along the Nanaimo Bar Trail. There are plenty of choices ranging from the classic style to deep-fried and ice cream variations too. A tasty way to spend your winter!


Ice Skating

If watching ice hockey isn’t good enough for you then why not take to the ice yourself? There are three public ice arenas to choose from and they include community events and programs that will help you learn to skate if you have never tried it before.
Depending on where you are in Nanaimo you can check out the Frank Crane Arena, Nanaimo Ice Centre, and the Cliff McNabb Arena.


Museums and Art Galleries

Soak in some of the local cultures and explore some of the museums and art galleries around Nanaimo. The Nanaimo Museum showcases some interesting pieces of local and regional history as well as feature exhibits from the National Gallery, the Canadian History Museum, and the Vancouver Art Gallery.
If art is more your type of thing, head to the Nanaimo Art Gallery, which showcases local and contemporary art. It also offers lectures and workshops, and you can buy some local artwork.


Entertain the kids

For some family-friendly fun in the winter, you can take your kids to the water park at Beban Park. With a lazy river, spray features, and a water slide the kids will be kept well entertained and you can enjoy some time in the full-length pool, steam room, and hot tub.
Another great choice is the kid’s fun house at Jumping Jiminy’s. There is a large play area, a games room, and a climbing wall for kids up to the age of 15.


Golf Simulator Center

It’s a fantastic new indoor golf facility that has opened in the northern town center of Nanaimo. You can rent a simulator for about $50 per hour, making it an affordable family activity. There are lots of choices. You can play a full 18-hole golf course if you want, work on improving your golf game, or just play some games with the kids. Nice to have another option for rainy-day family activities in Nanaimo.

This amazing island life doesn’t have to end once the summer does. Beat the cold: stay warm and entertained with these winter activities in Nanaimo!! Knowing the best neighbourhood that fits your lifestyle in our beautiful city is important. For more information about neighbourhood culture, access, and proximity to many of the fun things there are to do in Nanaimo, call 250-751-1223 and ask for the Charlie Parker Team!

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